Dental Insurance Plans

Affordable plans for individuals & families!

Dental care can be challenging to budget for, especially without any sort of coverage plan. Cavities, root canals, crowns, wisdom teeth, braces, retainers — all of these can present a bottomless pit of unexpected expenses, and that’s not even including the regular six month cleanings.

Moreover, oral care is important for your overall health, and it’s important to be covered by a dental plan so you can visit the dentist as often as required. And it’s not just about cosmetics and aesthetics or about pearly whites and fresh breath. Neglecting your oral health can have a serious impact on your body — an infection in your mouth has just as negative an effect on your system as an infection anywhere else.

Our dental plans are affordable, and are designed to meet different needs; our dental insurance options cover individuals and families. We have a large network of dental providers throughout the state of Kansas, and all of our plans grant you access to them. And rest assured, you will never be turned down because you have had dental problems in the past. Our plans are for those of any age — those with Medicare can apply too!

Take advantage of:

  • Preventive care with NO deductible.
  • Access to our extensive dental network in the state of Kansas of approximately 2,000 dentists
  • Low annual deductibles per calendar year per person

At CapStone Insurance, we believe there is a dental plan for everyone, so that everyone has the opportunity to get the care they need. Having good teeth is so important to everyday health, and we consider it a privilege to facilitate the matching of those who need care to those who give it.

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